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We help grow your business

We're a specialist agency using proven sales and technology expertise to drive business growth

Grow your business by enhancing your sales performance

We’ll help you with proven people management, technology and data, and process efficiency.

We can advise on and implement practical ways to enhance your sales performance.

Each business is different but at the core we use technology to enhance your data and conversions, data-driven processes to improve the quality of your pipeline, and people management to build your team to develop great sales relationships that close the deals.

BusinessSpark combines sales leadership and experience with technology and data and is run by a sales leader with over 30 years’ experience and a CTO with great commercial experience.

Together, we can help transform your marketing, sales acquisition and conversions to grow your business. 

sales team


With 30+ years’ experience as sales directors, we can help motivate, train, and measure your sales team to maximise  their performance.

Technology & Data

Helping you optimise customer acquisition and sales conversions using the latest strategies for your first party data and technologies.


We help you track, monitor and improve your pipeline, conversion and sales performance using CRM and sales automation tools.

Organisations we serve

We focus on helping scale-up, SME and enterprise organisations where our proven skills and experience are delivering great results; we work across all market sectors but have specific experience with business in the Telecoms, Media, Publishing, Medical, Facilities, Distribution, SaaS, Technology, and Recruitment sectors.


Your business is looking to grow both top-line sales revenue and leverage data and technology for product development and process efficiency.


Your startup has a proven product-market fit and you are looking to scale-up with experienced sales, marketing technology, and process.


Your business has plenty of competitors and needs to differentiate through lead-generation, customer relationship management, pricing and value proposition. 


Your enterprise organisation has all the skills but might have resource constraints, no availability or need advice on bringing together teams to work effectively.

Project-based business growth experts

We work on a simple, project-based contract that is convenient, affordable and on a month-by-month basis. With this, you gain our experience and expertise to help transform sales, process and technology.

And if you’re currently too small to work with consultant experts, we’d love to keep in touch and help you when you’re ready to scale. In the meantime, if you are a sole-trader or small business looking for great resources to help you grow then visit sites such GoSmallBusiness.co.uk for practical guides or SmallBusiness.co.uk for news and advice. 


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